A Close Look at How Vail Preserves and Protects Its Environment

rocky mountainsEnvironment-conscious nature lovers are happy that eco-friendly DIA to Vail, Colorado shuttles are transporting them to the Bavarian-style villages nestled in the Colorado Rockies. Visiting Vail, Colorado in the winter is already a perennial travel activity for skiers and snowboarders. More so now that it has gained high repute for being certified by the Green Destinations, as the world’s first, sustainable mountain resort geolocation.

The sustainability certification is quite important especially as the shuttles are flag bearers to the largest international airport in the US and also the second largest in the world.

How Eco-Friendly and Sustainable is Denver International Airport (DIA)<>

Denver International Airport covers a stretch of 53 square miles including the wide open spaces of runways. That being the case, DIA has a broad range of diversified solar energy systems, deemed as the largest in any airport operating in the world.

Its current installations of 10 solar photovoltaic set up, can generate a combined capacity of 28 megawatts. The capacity is described as equivalent to the power usage of almost 8,000 average Denver homes.

When going to Vail, Colorado. vacationers have to book their rides in advance so they can take part in all the wonderful winterland activities in Vail.

Vail villages have a lot to offer; from the pedestrian-friendly streets, to the amazing Bavarian architecture and the uplifting music festivals. Vail visitors do not fall short of options on how to spend their Vail vacation every time they make it to the mountain destinations seeking for adventure, for invigorating relaxation or cultural enrichment.

Vail Values Sustainable Environmental Practices

vail coloradoInasmuch as the town of Vail recognizes the importance of the environment as a valuable source of well being in terms of health, economy and beauty, the people of Vail work together to ensure that the Rockies and the wilderness will continue to stay as special places.

Actually, the townspeople of Vail acknowledge the roles they have to play in promoting and implementing sustainable environmental practices in various community aspects. They do so by entering into partnerships and collaborations when taking aggressive actions aimed at protecting Vail’s natural resources and ecosystems.

It would be noteworthy to mention some of the following ways that Vail puts into action to maintain its sustainability goals:

1. Use of electric buses as transport means.

2. Installation of charging stations to promote and support use of electric vehicles.

3. Partnerships with other Colorado communities in working towards achieving reductions of greenhouse gas emissions by 25% in the year 2025, by 50% in the year 2030 and at least 80% by the year 2050.