Balancing Economic Growth and Environmental Protection

Many Organizations, profit and non-profit are launched and take the initiative to save the environment and the ecosystems throughout the planet. They have raised funds with the help of people who are also concerned in saving our planet. Millions of dollars are raised to fund projects that can help save our ecosystem.

These organizations have targeted in the conservancy of larger ecosystems for protection. There conservation efforts assured the health of life-sustaining ecosystems not only for natural communities but also for the wellbeing, economic and otherwise of human communities. A key aspect of these effort is the solid partnership with organizations both private and public that have the advocacy to save the planet.

These organizations have worked for years to make their advocacy and purpose made possible. Many of which work hand in hand with communities to help offset development pressures and encourage sustainable development ventures. They help communities attain progress that is economically, environmentally and socially sound. This organization develops pilot projects that help people and at the same time conserve the environment. They encourage businesses that help sustain and are eco-friendly.

Like in many beautiful islands, like Palau and the Philippines, eco-friendly businesses are being introduced. Islanders are being educated to assess ways to accommodate tourism in these islands and still preserve these delicate environments. In some parts of the world fish-processing and marketing technologies are being explored as a means to both increase incomes and the conservation of these ecosystems.

The funds that environmental groups earn are used for the initiative in funding challenging sustainable development ventures, as well as the acquisition and stewardship of strategically important areas that need protection.

Organizations that help protect the environment get funds through some big corporations and foundations who also have the advocacy to save the environment. Most revenues also come from simple individuals who give donations and simple gifts of whatever size. For more gift ideas visit: Solbasium

These organizations also need our participation so that these vibrant ecosystems and the environment like the rain forests, deserts, prairies, dunes, islands and rivers remain healthy.