Environment and Lash Extensions

In recent years, people have become more and more aware that beauty products like everything else, pollute the environment.  The packaging of cosmetics, lash extensions and other beauty products can be harmful to the environment.

In order to assess the environmental impact that a product causes, the entire life cycle must always be considered. That means, from the production of the raw materials to their processing, packaging, logistics and application or use. And, of course, what happens to the product or its individual components afterwards.


Environmentally harmful lash extension products: Overdose of packaging waste

lash extensions

Even if “Zero Waste” is becoming more and more popular, by no means every manufacturer of beauty products attaches importance to the sustainability of their own products. Instead, greenwashing often takes place. Well-known companies, for example, decorate their products with packaging that is partly made from recycled plastic.

On closer inspection, it becomes clear that only part of the packaging is made from recycled material and the rest is entirely conventional plastic. Labels such as “ingredients of 90% natural origin” or “with 100% natural olive” are also popular. If you consider that water, as the main component of many cosmetics, is a natural ingredient and that there are no “unnatural” olives, the sham becomes clear.


Two things are not always better

“Unwrapping” is totally trendy. People unpack and marvel at their products in front of the camera. The more packaging, the more you have to unpack and the more anticipation there is for the product that is hidden under all the layers. Even if the packaging of a cosmetic product is made of paper rather than plastic, the following applies: less is more. The more minimalistic the packaging, the less waste it creates. Disposal is the main problem. Not all plastic ends up in the yellow sack, not every paper in the blue bin. As a result, many materials ultimately cannot be recycled. If you cannot avoid buying a product wrapped in plastic, make sure to dispose of it correctly.

Microplastics in the lashes and beauty industry

It’s hard to believe, but many cosmetic products contain plastics. Microplastics can be found in cosmetic products in solid, liquid, gel or wax-like form. Regardless of the shape, plastics do not have any beneficial effects on health or beauty. However, you can improve the consistency and shine of a product and, for example, ensure a pleasant, creamy feeling when applied.