Find Environment-Themed Animes Using the Best Anime App for iOS and Android

Decades ago, Japanese anime-style film animation was intended mainly for Japanese audience as they often made references to unique Japanese culture and beliefs.Today, Japanese anime, especially those inspired by manga series, have become popular worldwide. Enjoyed by people of any age, everyone has come to loves great animes that convey messages of strong emotions and social messages through amusing animations.

It is actually notable that newer mangas have continued the tradition of including environmental awareness and sympathy, becoming popular enough to have its own anime. A good example of such comic book series is “Seed.” Published in Business Jump, “Seed” emphasizes the importance of ecology in the Earth’s environment.

Another excellent example is Ushio To Tora (Ushio and Tora) which centers the plot around a family of magical weasels who are seeking revenge from those who destroyed their home.

Similarly, the heroine of “Ghost Sweeper Mikami” also ended up siding with the demon cat (bakeneko) last wild home was threatened by modern real estate developments. Mikami who was hired to destroy the untouched forest in which the bakeneko current lives, became fond of the virgin forest and of the devil cat who was raising a child to keep it away from the harms posed by Japan’s moder civilization.

Even without making the environmentalist theme the focus of the stories, the respect of Easterners to nature still makes its appearance in modern mangas. Many mangas like Inuyasha and Ao no Fuuin take place in an undeveloped country filled with open space which is surrounded by trees, fields, and streams.

Older eras also had animes and mangas that supported the environment including the classic favorite “Doraemon” which became a hit TV show for children all around the world. Kids who grew up with Doraemon learned a lot of valuable lessons through his and Nobita’s many adventures; such as being kind to others and to not destroy the environment among a few. Some of

Doraemon’s memorable environment-themed episodes included a mission to relocate extinct animals to a sanctuary, save a zoo elephant from getting killed by the WWII Japanese military, and even save a tree that will later save the Earth.

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