Games for Environmental Protection

The environmental awareness of young and old is increasing. That’s a good thing! After all, the next generations should naturally grow up in an environmentally conscious environment. Nevertheless, it is already important to teach children and young people how they can protect the environment. They should know how to take care of the environemnt. As youth leaders, you can use this as an opportunity to show the children an environmentally conscious way of life. In order to introduce the children and young people to the topic, you can come up with games and ideas that make a confrontation with the topic possible.

Minecraft: Communicate sustainability to children in a playful way

It is important to give children a playful relationship to nature, the environment, sustainability and the consequences of your waste consumption. Whether at home, in kindergarten or at school, communicating sustainable values ​​is important.

In the Internet age, there are numerous online games that deal with environmental protection. But from an educational point of view, in particular, additional information from an adult caregiver is essential. With parlour games in the form of board games and card games, children will leave their devices for a while if they are playfully confronted with things like waste separation and environmental awareness.

If your kids are playing games from minecraft servers, it is important that you use this game as a tool on how they can help protect the environment.


Minecraft: More sustainable publishers for parlour and board games

minecraft servers

Sustainability as a game theme is one thing. Video games and other kinds of games should ensure sustainable production. Especially for games, overproduction and packaging create mountains of rubbish. When it comes to production, the most sustainable path is not always taken.

More knowledge about nature and the environment is definitely good for your urbanized children and young people.

Children should experience nature with all of the senses in environmental education games. Whether by touching the different bark structures, looking for different colours that exist in nature or measuring the age of a tree, the children will experience that everything has its place in nature and is needed. Even when they are playing video games, they should experience nature and the environment.