Gangnam Perfect : Lavish Karaoke Entertainment at the Gangnam District

karaoke entertainmentGangnam Perfect (강남퍼펙트) refers to a high class karaoke entertainment space at the basement of Eliena Hotel, a landmark 5-star hotel in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam. Here, the bar offers karaoke entertainment divided into two time segments. The first is from 18:00 to 1:00, and the second is from 1:00 to 15:00 and thereafter takes a break from 15:00 to 18:00. During Sundays and public holidays, the entertainment bar is open only from 1:00 to 15:00.

Amenities Offered by Gangnam Perfect

Gangnam Perfect offers top notch amenities such as discounts on main rental charges for customers who arrive at the scene before 9 PM. Also, a luxury sedan can pick up customers with reservations and residing in Korea’s Gangnam District. Those arriving in private cars can use the karaoke bar’s free valet parking service.

Popularity of the Lavish Lifestyle in South Korea’s Gangnam District

gangnam style dance People around the world became familiar with the South Korean word Gangnam after Korean singer-songwriter Psy’s “Oppa Gangnam Style” music video broke the Internet. At the height of the popularity of Psy’s video, it garnered more than 2 billion views, which exceeded the 32-bit integers of YouTube’s counter. The system had to be upgraded in order to properly keep track of the number.

Psy wrote the song as a way of humously mimicking the stylish and ostentatious lifestyle of the rich kids of wealthy families belonging to the super-rich Gangnam District of South Korea, a.k.a. The Beverly Hills of Seoul. Twelve years after Psy’s satirical song debuted on YouTube, the number of views recorded to date has reached more than 5 billion.

Lavish Lifestyle or Not, Seoul’s Gangnam District is Vulnerable to Adverse Climate Conditions

The extreme weather brought about by climate change has made the low lying areas of Gangnam District vulnerable to disastrous floods. Consultants submitted reports describing the district’s faulty drainage system, which they cited as the reason why Seoul’s Gangnam District was unable to handle the deluge of rain water that led to high level flooding.

As a plan of action, Seoul authorities revived a $1.15 billion plan to upgrade and improve the entire city’s drainage system.