Green Marketing: Is It Really Effective Or Just A Trend?

In an era of climate change and rising consumer awareness, green marketing will become a necessity, not a choice according to experts in SEO UK. However, this is not about applying a marketing strategy focused on sustainability, but establishing a corresponding corporate philosophy that should permeate all areas of the company. After all, consumers expect honesty, especially when it comes to environmental protection and sustainable development. Therefore, frantically looking for something that can be marketed as “green” is not a good strategy. To establish sustainability in your company, you need a complete concept so that you can use your marketing statement. Otherwise, it is not to carry out honest green marketing, but to carry out superficial greenwashing.


“Greener” apps and companies



– Ritter Sport, a chocolate bar manufacturer, Ritter Sport provides 100% certified sustainable cocoa for its entire product range.

– Jack Wolfskin started an absolute revolution in the outdoor market with innovative TEXAPORE ECOSPHERE technology. The jacket is made of 100% recycled film outer layer and 100% recycled lining.

– Dyson has developed the smallest and most energy-efficient home appliance motors. It is designed for energy-saving equipment, such as a small, powerful, and energy-saving cordless vacuum cleaner. For hand dryers, Dyson has also developed products that minimize the impact of hand dryers on the environment.


Best practice: doing too well


The Danish start-up “Too Good To Go” was founded in 2015 with the goal of reducing food waste. With this app, restaurants, hotels, cafes, bakeries, and supermarkets can provide services to people who collect over-produced food at discounted prices. As a result, customers eat delicious food, reduce wasted food, and the company makes extra money. In addition to this application, Too Good To Go is also committed to reducing food waste in other areas, such as educational proposals, promotional activities, and (international) national political foundations. These innovative ideas are important because they encourage other companies to consciously participate in environmental campaigns or protect resources and be responsible for their products. It also makes a sustainable contribution to building a better world and protecting the living space of future generations.


Sustainability and ecology mean the long-term use of natural raw materials and only within their renewable capacity. This can be achieved by avoiding the use of paper as much as possible. One option is to switch from advertising letters to digital media while avoiding printing. Sustainability trends are steadily increasing and can be used to drive sales.


Sustainability also plays an important role in customer acquisition. More and more customers value resource-efficient companies. Digital incentives enable companies to provide sustainable rewards to their customers. This is closely related to effective customer acquisition and retention.