Moving Company: Sustainable Moving Tips

Every year, millions of people around the world move. More than half of people move on their own. This can thus actively influence how “green” such a change of residence actually is. It is also clear, moving a house creates a lot of garbage and exhaust gases. This has a negative effect on the ecological balance. A sustainable relocation using moving company near me can succeed and is worthwhile.

Moving company near me

Moving company near me: Tips for an environmentally friendly relocation

Move with less

The move date has been set, but the desire to lug a lot of boxes is limited. One of the first tips on how residents can make their move more sustainable is sorting out utensils that are no longer used or unused. This not only means that you have to drag less. In the end, the smaller moving truck is enough, so that less CO2 is emitted when driving than when using a large truck.


Pass it on instead of throwing it away

Anyone who sells or gives away old furniture, clothing and books is doing something good for the environment. After all, recycling old consumer goods can reduce the production of new goods. This in turn emits CO2 and use both virtual and actual water. Virtual water describes the amount of water that is required to manufacture a product. If you pass on discarded textiles and everyday objects, you improve the ecological balance of your own move and otherwise.

Buy used items

There is no shoe rack, a chest of drawers and a couple of new chairs would be nice too. The same as recycling surplus household items apply to the purchase of new items. Flea markets and online platforms make it easy to buy high-quality second-hand furniture, crockery and the like.

It is also environmentally friendly that no new goods are produced and old ones are thrown in the trash. Offers can be found in the vicinity via, for example, eBay advertisements or neighbourhood communities. You can then even pick up the newly acquired slatted frame or the new bedside lamp on foot very sustainably and bring it to your new home. When it comes to electrical appliances, however, buying second-hand goods should be well thought out. Old devices may not achieve a high energy efficiency class.