Music For The Environment

Music accompanies you through your everyday life. With the invention of the Mp3 player, you can always hear it whenever and wherever you want. Indeed, you can always listen anywhere and anytime.

You can inspire people with music. You can shake them up with lyrics and get them excited about environmental protection. Perhaps music is a good way to appeal for more environmental protection.

You can just string any sentences together in lyrics, senseless love raving. But you can also put meaning into your lyrics. You can use texts that make you think, that shake you up and that may also inspire you. Also, you can use texts that appeal for more environmental protection.


New value creation opportunities in the music industry:

The music market is becoming more and more complex and the music industry is facing many new challenges that it has to overcome. Consumer habits change just as quickly as technical innovations allow. The ubiquitous availability of music was just one of the consequences that have shaken up the traditional value chain in the music industry.

How sustainable is our daily music consumption?

A few gentle touches of the display and music can be heard from the smartphone. Almost every song and album is just a few clicks away, available anytime, anywhere. Listening to music has never been easier and probably never as polluting as it is today.

To stream music online, data is transferred over an internet connection. More and more people listen to music “on-demand”. Sound carriers such as CDs are becoming less important. But the huge data centres on which music is digitally stored consume large amounts of electricity.

Streaming instead of DVD: Climate protection through digital data transmission?

The streaming of films and music is trendy. Videos and music are accessed via an Internet connection and usually played back at the same time. In this way, users can consume films, series and music unlike traditional television and radio regardless of time and place.

Since the production and distribution of DVDs and CDs are no longer necessary, streaming initially promises an environmental benefit. In particular, the elimination of car journeys for buying or renting DVDs or CDs has a positive effect. In addition, more and more consumers are streaming with smartphones or tablets, which require less power compared to PCs, televisions and DVD recorders.