Social Media Influencers are Setting the Sustainability Trend

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Gradually, all fashion brands are starting to become more sustainable. It’s significant because the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. You know, it is always good to create a little more awareness! There are a number of influencers, who might have used an SMM panel to grow their followers, who are already ahead of us in setting a good example. Because what about sustainability on social media?


If there’s one thing the world desperately wants to consume today, it’s fashion. Logical, because who doesn’t love shopping? But in order to continue to meet this high demand, fashion brands are constantly stocking up so that we can bring in a new collection every season. This leads to an endless cycle and has made the fashion industry one of the biggest polluters in the world. It turns out that about a tenth of all CO2 emissions come from the fashion industry.


With the increasing number of environmental disasters, the global players and major fashion houses obviously have a duty to change things, but you can also achieve a lot as an individual. This is especially true for those who influence the purchasing decisions of others – influencers – through social media. took a closer look at Instagram in the field of sustainable hashtags and researched how sustainable Instagrammers really are. What does it mean to represent ethical fashion and which influencers excel at promoting sustainability on social media?



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Use social media to provide information

One of the most important ways in which designers and influencers can have a positive impact is by using their platform and audience for sustainability. For most fast fashion consumers, sustainability was not really central to clothing purchases until recently. Nowadays that is different. Both the media and the younger generations have brought this important conversation to all corners of society.


Instagrammers can use their platform for sustainability by inspiring with their posts and stories, but also by entering into a dialogue with their followers. By showing how to shop more ethically, organizing and promoting fundraisers, or addressing abuses in the fashion industry, influencers can raise awareness about sustainability. Especially on Instagram, you can be inspired to take steps for a more sustainable future. But then you have to follow the right Instagrammers!


Sustainability on Instagram: these three Dutch influencers set the trend

Sustainable hashtags like #sustainablefashion and #slowfashion are already being used by millions of people to make ethical fashion the norm on Instagram. Among these influencers are Ananda van Doorn, Sandra Kleine Staarman, and Nathalie Kemna in the Netherlands the three most sustainable influencers on Instagram. Ananda van Doorn, a sustainable entrepreneur and influencer, is at the top of this list with the most ethical fashion hashtags by post.


Do you also want to contribute to an ethical fashion world and a healthier planet? Let yourself be inspired by the most sustainable influencers or talk to your favorite blogger or Instagrammer to let them know how important this theme is!