Video Gaming: Protecting The Environment

Many people are enthusiastic about video games and you don’t immediately think of the environmental impact. But before, during and after gaming, a lot of energy is sometimes consumed.

Gaming has long been more than a leisure activity for children and “nerds”. Many have discovered the fun of the game for themselves. But what most people probably don’t think about is what even when gaming on the PC and game consoles, CO2 is released.


Sustainable video gaming: With these tips you will succeed


Buy the right console and hardware

Before you buy, make sure you really need an upgraded gaming PC. If you only occasionally play smaller games with low graphics resolution, a laptop might be sufficient.

However, if it is absolutely necessary to use the latest PC model, you can also save electricity when putting together the hardware. 

Eloboostleague offers great solutions to ranking problems for gamers who want to improve their gaming experience. With new PC model, you can save energy and thus protect the environment.


Save energy with the software

Dinner is calling and you let your game continue in pause mode? This also drives up power consumption. It is therefore best to check whether your game can automatically save and go to sleep mode before you buy it.


Clean your devices regularly

Sounds trite, but keeping your consoles in good condition increases their longevity, saves resources, and lets you enjoy them for longer.


Repair the console instead of throwing it away

This is another tip for increasing the longevity of devices. There are now many repair services. Sometimes manufacturers even offer them themselves and also provide you with the necessary spare parts.

Even if the repair may not be cheap, from an environmental point of view it is always better than buying a new one. This is because far fewer valuable resources are used for repairs.


Turn off your devices properly

Important for sustainable gaming is to switch off the game console and PC after gaming.

Standby mode also consumes power. Sometimes even as much as active play. Switching off the devices properly is therefore worthwhile and help protect the environment. Thanks to the fast memory that many devices now have, booting up for the next gaming session is usually a breeze.