Weighing the Effects of Environmental Health on Human Well-Being

Our health is always being influenced by our surroundings, even if we don’t always realize it. We can tip the balance (figuratively) between health and illness depending on our environment, diet, and daily activities. In this regard, experts in environmental health, as well as relevant policies and programs, can be of great assistance.

Health-Related Environments

Due to the many ways in which environmental factors affect our eating, living, and growing habits, environmental health has become one of the fastest-growing subfields in public health. Both our natural surroundings and the acts of humans, particularly societal standards, can exert such pressures.

Environmental Safety Around the World

Experts in environmental health are preparing for a warmer and wetter climate in the next decades, which they fear will initiate or worsen challenges to public health around the world. Disease-carrying mosquitoes can persist in colder climates when temperatures rise, increasing the number of people affected by vector-borne diseases like dengue and malaria.

Your Actions Can Promote Environmental Safety and Wellness

Many environmental health issues are not as easily controlled on an individual level as one’s diet or exercise routine. Often times it takes legislation, policies, and programs on the state, national, and international levels to combat the risk they pose.