Why is environmental protection so important?

Western society lives in a fundamentally polluting manner, i.e. at the expense of nature. People are the reason why environmental protection is necessary in the first place. Because no other living being on the planet interferes with nature as destructively as humans. Keepvid online downloader can be useful if you want to download videos regarding environmental protection.

Environmental protection saves human lives

World hunger, global warming, increasing natural disasters, contaminated air, water and soil, use of pesticides in the fields, extinction of species, crop failures – you must not believe that you are the only living creatures on a sick planet to stay healthy. Everything is interrelated in nature.


Environmental protection creates new jobs

Environmental protection is often pushed into the background for economic reasons. It is already an essential part of the economy and, by the way, ensures that it will do well in the long term.


Environmental protection means animal welfare

Cheap meat in the supermarket is only so cheap because someone else pays the price for you. In addition to the environment and other people, the animals, in particular, suffer from the everyday behavior of humans in this example. On the one hand, because you lock cows, pigs and dozens of other farm animals in dark, narrow cages, fatten them up, get them pregnant and exploit them, separate them from their children and stuff them with antibiotics so that they can survive this ordeal at all.


Environmental protection creates positive change

Environmental protection means showing consideration for other living beings. Not only on animals and plants but also on other people. By paying attention, discussing, learning from and listening to one another, you improve your coexistence a little more every day.

World hunger, animal cruelty or water scarcity would no longer have to exist today if everyone acted responsibly. Fortunately, society is constantly changing for the better.

Environmental protection in the fight against natural disasters

Storms, droughts and floods are steadily increasing. The number of climate-related natural disasters worldwide has tripled since 1980.  They destroy entire livelihoods and, not least, endanger your long-term food security.

So environmental protection is also very important to protect people and to have long-term food available. The more you place yourself above nature, the more often natural disasters will hit you in the future. You need to understand that you are only part of nature and not nature itself.