Why Sustainable Camping is a Good Idea?

Sustainable camping is a good idea because the environment is protected and valuable resources are conserved. With the right attitude, camping can be one of the most environmentally-friendly forms of vacation. A campsite in Dordogne Périgord (camping périgord), among others, shows how you can make your camping holiday environmentally friendly.

Camping is only a small aspect and its ecological footprint is relatively small compared to other forms of vacation such as long-distance travel, cruises, or hotel stays. Nevertheless, camping holidays also have an impact on the environment. What can campers do to make their vacation beautiful, eventful, and even more sustainable at the same time?

A central point is the choice of the campsite. Because here, too, there are differences that improve the footprint of your own holiday. Many campsites have improved significantly in terms of the environment in recent years.

What can we do to make camping holidays more sustainable?

Campers can do a lot themselves for a sustainable camping holiday. Environmentally friendly holiday behavior starts with the arrival. Light luggage saves fuel. Campsites with rental accommodation such as sleeping barrels can also be visited by bus, train, or bicycle. If you buy local products at your holiday destination, for example at the weekly market, and use the regional bike rental service, you can simply leave your own car or mobile home there.

Use resources sparingly

The same applies to the campsite itself as it does in your own four walls: use resources sparingly. Electricity and water should only be used for as long as necessary. It also helps to shop with little waste, avoid superfluous plastic bags and packaging and separate the rubbish on site. A good method is to buy as many products as possible from the holiday region instead of goods that have traveled far. This is then also much more authentic and creates more holiday feeling.

Avoid environmentally harmful products

It is also crucial not to use toxic and environmentally harmful sanitary additives for portable toilets. Here you should only use products with the “Blue Angel” (RAL quality mark) since the other chemicals heavily pollute the water. And, of course, only empty waste water and portable toilets at the drains provided. Gullis is also the wrong place, as many are led directly into a stream or lake or seep into the ground. And there is also potential for optimization when it comes to grilling: avoid using waste-intensive disposable grills, use hemp-based grill lighters, wood shavings, or just old egg cartons instead of chemical grill lighters.

In the end, it’s not all that difficult. If you have open eyes for the environment, you can already experience a sustainable, future-oriented holiday. And at the same time, you make many new experiences that are also becoming increasingly important in everyday life at home.