Roofing Contracts : Good Ethical Practices are Critical to Business Success

There’s no shortage of roofers in Texas as they appear in droves after a damaging storm season, offering roof repairs and replacement works even if unnecessary. There was even a time when roofing contractors were active today but gone tomorrow, Once they get to convince homeownes and collect down payments, some contractors disappear in the days that follow. Nevertheless, such unethical practices in the roofing industry have been provided by the Internet with powerful counter measures.

Today, most homeowners can expect reliable word of mouth recommendations from consumers who gave feedback about the good or bad services rendered by a roofing contractor. Still, just in case these rogue roofers set up shop in your state, be aware of the unethical practices and behaviors that have destroyed their reputations as members of the roofing industry.

Case Example of the Most Common Unethical Practice of Professional Roofers

Good ethical practices set the tone for a good business relationship because both consumers and service providers always want to get their hard-earned money’s worth. While it is true that there are many scalawags in the construction industry, it’s not just a roofer issue.

Some roofing inspectors enter into deals with roofing contractors in exchange for commissions. Unprincipled and unethical roofing contractors on the other hand, are constrained to do work with poor standards as they want to recover the cost of commission paid to the inspector. Some others agree to certify variation claims in roof damages for purposes of putting forward bogus or inflated insurance claims.

There are real estate agents or house buyers who feel they need to get a better deal by paying bribes or commissions to other professionals who communicate with potential clients. A good case example involves a roofer in Frisco who claimed that the house inspected by the buyer’s representative had hidden roofing issues caused by hailstones.

Fortunately, a Frisco Roofer who was just starting out his roofing business, was offering free inspection services. The owner of the house for sale requested them to conduct a free inspection, which yielded negative results as far as the homeowner was concerned. The free inspection contradicted the buyer’s inspection report. This was supported by a video showing the roof has no damage whatsoever.

While they could have taken advantage of the chance to land a roofing project. Although it could have earned them as much $20K, he preferred to carry on his business by practicing good ethics, which today has made his company one of the most sought after in Dallas, North Dallas and Fort Worth areas