SEO for Websites About Environmental Protection

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Again and again, you read about niche sites in various blogs, and in fact, numerous search engine optimizers try to earn a few extra euros with topic pages. The question of a suitable niche topic is always popular. Popular topics are always insurance, call money accounts, further education, mobile phone contracts, and loans,… you know the game!


Affiliate programs on these topics are like the sand on the sea and that’s why many expect great and quick success – and then fall on the nose with the upcoming search engine optimization like the use of 백링크 (backlinks), because not only in the partner programs of the numerous affiliate marketing platforms the competitors give themselves the handle but also, and especially in terms of search engine optimization, virtually nothing works. The problem: The databases of Google and Yahoo are bursting at the seams on such topics.


When I read an article today about the discussion on the planning of a new top-level domain .eco, which was suggested by former US Vice President Al Gore and should be available for private, commercial, and other organizations (prerequisite: The content of the website must deal with environmental protection), I came up with the idea of an SEO niche site, which is probably not yet as hotly contested as the above-mentioned classic topics, namely environmental protection in conjunction with environmentally friendly or ecological products. No, don’t panic – I’m not going to be a Jesus slippery hippie and I don’t eat grains yet.


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Why the topic of environmental protection and environmentally friendly products?

Compared to many other products, environmental protection has been a hot topic, especially since the beginning of the economic crisis (examples: car manufacturers such as Opel protect the environment with cars powered by natural gas, Apple’s new “green” MacBook dispenses with numerous chemicals, etc., etc.) which really affects every person. It is also great that environmental protection is now more than “extreme Birkenstocking”. Environmental protection is now even really “in” and the trend toward environmentally friendly products and services will become even more important in the future!


Is it possible to earn money with environmental protection?

Admittedly, if you look around on various affiliate marketing platforms, you still have to look for eco-products with a magnifying glass. But they do exist – even outside the established providers! You just have to search for something.


That was just a selection of products that you could promote on your “eco-SEO page”. So they exist – environmentally friendly products in partner programs. So now you can start right away: How about a small website and corresponding search engine optimization on a topic or product around the topic of environmental protection and sustainable development? Maybe I have provided you with an interesting and future-proof idea with which you can not only earn money but also contribute to a good cause.