Should I Believe in Numerology?


Numerology has drawn a lot of negative comments from people all around the world even though people claim its good for mindfulnessandjustice. Pythagoras, the greatest mathematician in history, made the discovery, but it was nevertheless met with fierce opposition. The study of numbers and how they relate to current events is known as numerology. The study emphasizes the letter’s numerical value in constructing names. It is frequently taken into consideration alongside sages’ and astrologers’ divine ways. Numerology is an unverified professed science that many spiritual followers firmly believe in. Numerology is an unproven notion, according to the science enthusiasts nearby, who argue that it cannot foretell the future.

Coincidence, not good fortune!

Numerous scientists have established that the belief that a person’s lucky number is based on psychology. They think that the fact that the individual succeeds at that number so frequently is only accidental, making that number lucky to them. Some people insist that it is their destiny because they claim to continually see a certain number or their life path number. But the skeptics respond, arguing that because people trust their lucky number, they often forget the other numbers they saw.

Adapted from the created

Numerous opponents draw attention to the fact that numerology was a notion created from made-up numbers. Egyptians are credited with creating numbers. They invented the cipher numerical system first, and the Greeks later adopted it. Prior to the introduction of the Hindu-Arabic numeral system, Europe was dominated by Roman numerals, which used letters to represent the numbers. Therefore, humans devised numbers. Additionally, the idea of numerology was created using the made-up numbers.

Are Planets and Numbers Related?

The opposition also raises the topic of how numerology relates to the planets in the sky. Different numbers of planets are stated in each numerology. Similar to how there are only seven planets in certain cultures, including the sun and moon (which are not planets), The bond’s underlying science is dubious.