We Are Already Experiencing The Brunt Of Climate Change, But Still Choose To Deny It

Many people would still laugh in your face when you start to talk about climate change and global warming. For some, they are just too ignorant to see the signs, while there are a few who just don’t care at all. However, no matter how hard we pretend that everything’s fine, the environment will be the one to show us that the effects of humanity’s outright disregard to Mother Nature are now coming to haunt us.

Every year, the world is setting some sort of record for the hottest year in history, only to be surpassed by the following year. This must already be telling us something to change our ways, but these reports seem nothing. Now, we are already witnessing climate disasters happening in every corner of the world.

Enough is enough, this is the right time to recognize that climate change is now coming for us all!

Be Mindful Of Our Carbon Footprint; Do Your Part In Raising Awareness

Just last week, the Americans had faced another natural disaster with the landfall of Category 4 Hurricane Ida. This intense tropical cyclone set many new records, with its very rapid intensification over very hot waters in the Gulf of Mexico, right until its landfall as it maintained its major hurricane status inland for hours. Aside from its tremendous wind power, Hurricane Ida also brought record-breaking amounts of rainfall across the Northeast United States, particularly in New York City, which saw a huge flooding event that even the old-timer New Yorkers have not seen before.

The main recipe for Hurricane Ida’s record strength at US landfall would be none other than climate change itself. As the world continues to warm up with man-made greenhouse effect, thanks to all the smoke from human’s highly industrialized way of life, tropical cyclones tend to consolidate more rapidly than ever before, resulting to record-breaking damages upon their landfall. Good thing we have the best offset smoker in the market today that offers top-notch cooking with very minimal harmful effects to the environment. How great is that?

Even in the state of Florida, people are well-aware how these hurricanes are getting more intense year after year, as evidenced by the severely deteriorated roofing in most Florida houses.