Have the Debates about Climate Change Arrived at Actionable Solutions?

Climate change is a crisis that poses a threat to everyone, as scientists are saying that the unparalleled ice melts in the Arctic is a huge sign to act now. A lot of people do not believe on movements to address climate change, which makes it compelling to have an effective set of global energy and green policies. Of utmost importance is to make sure that such policies are are science and engineering-based as well as technology supported.

American environmental activist Bill McKibben revealed that the Arctic is melting at a worrying pace and has damaged the oceans due to its increased acidity by 30%. The greater difficulty though is in dealing with the fossil fuel industry, as they present tougher challenges in addressing the climate change problem.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Senior Scientist Richard Muller mentioned two important actions in addressing climate change. The first is that energy efficiency and conservation must significantly help and improve insulation in households as well as automobiles. The second-most important action to take is to bear in mind that natural gas emits ⅓ of coal’s carbon dioxide.

Majority of the Nations Across the World Believe There is a Need to Act as Effectively as Possible

Several changes in climate are inevitable according to the Carbon Neutral Company of London/ This is due to the constant build-up of emissions in the atmosphere, yet such emissions can be lessened by technological solutions. These solutions are still better than inaction however there is still a challenge in financing these technologies.

Countries that are more successful in addressing global threats posed by climate change, are the nations more likely to solve their own challenges as a nation. Therefore they are the likeliest providers of sustainable solutions in helping other countries. Singapore’s National Climate Change Secretariat mentioned that their government is investing on establishing itself as a nation well-equipped with new technologies and business models that will help address environmental issues.

Will Geo-Engineering the Planet Work?

On suggestions about harnessing geo-engineering as an option for tackling climate change, the Department of Energy and Climate Change of Great Britain believes that it is still too early for such kind of action. The British government added that they must tackle the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions first, and at the same time, learn how to adapt to unavoidable impacts.

Mitigating climate change through reduction of emissions is the most recognized way to avoid the harmful effects of climate change in the future. Although scientists agree that geo-engineering can aid in carrying on with the climate change movement, the feasibility, costs, societal and environmental impacts remain unfathomable since the available data are limited.

As ordinary individuals who have opinions on how the world should view and address the global climate change problem, you can start your own discussions since any information or knowledge you can contribute in the global brainstorming processes. What’s your insight about geo-engineering?

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